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empower is our coaching culture audit tool, which allows you to gather information about the development of a coaching culture within your organization.

Our empower audit will give you an understanding of best practice in coaching. We’ll develop the next steps for your business to further develop your coaching culture, using external and internal coaches. We’ll assess your manager’s use of a coaching leadership style and also how coaching can be used beyond the boundaries of your organization.

The result is an independent audit, with credible and highly valuable conclusions for the evolution of your organization.

Benefits of using the empower

Embrion’s empower framework is based on a decade of experience and research working with organisations helping them to appoint external coaches, develop internal coaching teams, develop managers coaching leadership styles and build coaching cultures which empower their workforce.

The framework allows organizations to review where they are and what are their next practical steps in moving towards a five star coaching culture. 

The empower model

empower uses five zones to review each aspects of organizational performance in its journey towards building a coaching culture.

empower- 5 zones

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