At Embrion we believe in the power of positive change. Traditional change methodologies can create resistance by assuming change is negative. We take a different view. We believe that people across the organization have immense potential which if harnessed can deliver transformational change.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is one of the tools we use to help organisations explore what they do well, and how they can draw on the wider organisations skills, knowledge and motivation to harness the resources of the team to deliver real change.

We can run Appreciative Inquiry workshops from 25 to 500 people, or help you to design and deliver your own event. We will work with you sharing our experience and help you to build your skills in this area, ready to deliver the next project alone.

We have taken the ideas of Prof David Cooperryder and developed these for UK organizations - applying them in the NHS, local government and the oil and gas sector.

Appreciative Inquiry can unleash a positive virus for change across your organisation - read more about our experiences of working with AI in our book 'Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management’.

World Café

In addition to AI, we use other positive approaches to change such as World Café, Future Search and whole systems change. World Café and Future Search are similar to AI. They encourage people to talk, share experiences and plan change together through a collaborative and participatory process.

Our experience is that by encouraging collaboration across the organization, stimulating dialogue and fostering involvement, difficult change can be delivered and can be made to stick

What Next?

If you are looking to deliver a large scale change and want to work with your people, rather than against them. If you want your change to stick, not fizzle out. If you want to build on the things your organization and your people do well. We will be happy to speak to you about designing and running an AI or whole systems change event to deliver real change that lasts.


Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management - Sample Chapter

Download a sample chapter on AI


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