Unlocking an individual’s potential

Developing leadership talent is reported to be the number one challenge facing organizations in the eyes of board directors. The questions they often ask are: ‘How can we develop our people?’,  ‘How can we unlock their potential’?  ‘How can we ensure our people are able to respond to the challenges of a complex, connected, multi-cultural world?’

We believe leadership development programmes need to equip managers to work in diverse, connected, complex and multiple stakeholder environments. These are environments where managers require skills in persuasion, managing complexity, living with ambiguity, working with multi-national teams and managing the ‘always-on’ world.

At Embrion we develop bespoke solutions, from safety leadership programmes for leaders working in high hazard environments like Technip, to programmes for managers in global organizations like IKEA, not-for-profits like The Salvation Army and World Vision and the public services like the NHS and local government.

Our programmes are grounded in behavioural science research. This ensures that our content and delivery reflects the latest thinking. Alongside this we pay close attention to evaluation, measuring the impact of our work, ensuring it makes a genuine and sustainable impact on individuals and the organization.

But beyond all of this it’s our values that set us apart. We believe that our role is fundamentally to help make the biggest difference, not the biggest profit. While we are a commercial organization, we believe that working collaboratively can ensure win-win outcomes.

What Next?

If you would like to find out more about our thinking, read our recent White Paper on leadership development in the oil and gas sector.

New Leadership

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We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals.

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